Cancellation Policy

Dr Small and his team are committed to providing a high standard of care in a timely manner. As we deal with patients with acute cardiac issues, chest pain and problematic rhythm disturbances, there is always a high demand for timely appointments. Last minute cancellations are unfair to the intent of service provision and to those who would have appreciated the opportunity of a consultation or test. This is why there is a cancellation fee for any unattended appointments or last minute cancellations.

As a courtesy to other patients who need to see the Cardiologist or have a cardiac test please confirm your attendance when you receive the texts or phone call from the practice. You will receive an advance reminder of your appointment/test one month prior to your appointment. You will also receive a text reminder one week before. Please ensure you have replied to these texts or your appointment may be given to another patient on the waitlist. We are amazed at how many people ‘forget’ so thank you for your tolerance of two confirmations.

Please let the reception staff know as soon as possible on the day, that you will not be able to attend your appointment. For appointments that are cancelled within 3 hours or if you do not attend your appointment you may need to pay a deposit for your next booking. The deposit amount will depend on the nature of your booking. Should you wish to rebook your appointment this will be done at the earliest, convenient time available.

If you are running late for your appointment please call the practice as soon as possible as this can impact subsequent appointments. We will attempt to smooth out the problem as much as we can to minimize delays to others, however you may then have to wait on your arrival to the rooms for your appointment.